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Friday, April 17, 2009

finally back to blog..haha this days been outing alot so kinda lazy to blog everything but will start from wed.

when to tampines toy " R" us n bought a toy trolley present for my little niece and it cost $40..!!after tat when to my sis hse n once i got inside the hse, the 1st toy i saw on the floor is a pink trolley lolx don't know she already had 1.

so 1+pm 2gether wiv my sis, bro in law, little nephew and little princess my niece valerie and 2gether celebrate her 4yrs old birthday at yishun's swensen. so we went to their lunch 1 for 1 promotion and wed order 2 pasta n chicken cutlet, grilled fish? duno wat it call and birthday girl keep asking her daddy to get her a strawberry icecream which we get in just only $1 becoz my sis is the member.haha so the last dessert will be the 3 scoops ice cream wiv a candle n we sing happy birthday song n den start eating..n my little nephew was keep looKing at the ice cream haha.

after that headed to suntec city toy "R"us and when there to c whether can exchange another toy that i bought at tampines earlier, much to my surprise, they refunded the $ back to me.haha. so we been walking around that shop for 1hrs to choose wat present to buy for her and i was too tired to continue to walk so when to a corner and sit on the floor n accompany her playing toys. so i ask her

me: have u decide which toys u 1?
valerie: i wan this this n this
me: no u can only choose 1.
valerie: she starting to count toys
valerie: 1 ,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 I WAN 10
me: no only 1 !
valerie: 10 !
me : 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111.......
valerie: 10101010101010101010101010101010..... and we started to laugh at each other.haha
so we spend 3 hrs at the toy "R" us LOL. and i bought her fishing toy and her parents bought her a writing white board table and a remote control car. total kinda expensived.haha. so after that when to her caretaker house and we celebrate her birthday ...and reached home abt 11.30pm kinda tired bcoz of entertaining her~~!.

the next day meet shi hao n lih yap n we went to my another bro in law shop at leisure park mall. and i bought a one piece nami figuring well shi hao bought one piece thousand sunny ship. as for lih yap , he wanted that item so badly bt the cost is not cheap so he decided to giv up buying that , tho i failed to phyco him to buy..haha. after tat wen to a pet shop and we saw a giant rabbit. is 2 times bigger den normal rabbit lolx.after tat to kFc to settle our dinner.alright thats abt all.. will post all the pic. CLICK TO ZOOM TO VIEW THE PIC!!!

:D 12:36 AM

Saturday, April 4, 2009

finally i am back for blogging..lolx.this past days had lots of fun outing like ellona chalet , sentosa trip but i am lazy to type it out haha.so i will juz start frm ytd.

ytd poly enrollment result was out. and i been accepted by ngee ann electronic course altho i am happy poly accepted me. but den this is the course that i the most dun1 to get in to. how lei how lei. headache*** and liingx don't get so upbeat abt ur poly. i 100% confident u will get into the course u wan de. u oso muz be confident..jia you ok. that time i scared my exam might fail n drop gpa u oso cheer me up so it's my turn. =).

and ard 3+ basil came to my hse bcoz he scared he might fall asleep n missed our basketball game.so we played abit of game n he drove me there. basketball ended at around 8pm and after changing basil sent s.hao ,kevin n his fren to hougang mall.during half way the road i saw a receipt outside basil's lorry window.IS A $30 SUMMON.haha. after that had our dinner at 644 and back home. arh....recently both my soccer and basketball has been off form omg sad~.

:D 11:04 AM

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

FUCK THE PAPER , FUCK THE TEACHERS~ -,- 2day was the last paper for my exam and this paper had screwed us.the paper is completely opposite or twisted of wat our teacher called us to study past year exam papers was enough.DAMM IT.

altho i finished all the questions but 3/4 of the questions is anyhow wreck de.after exam ended lighning strikes again, wen da said that gan told them most of the class did not do well in the computing system and most of us had scored average 60+ only.now the worse scenario will be PROJECT "B" COMPUTING SYSTEM "C' " MOBILE COM " D or E ". =.= currently gpa is 2.77 if i predict tis grade correctly i might left 2.0 or less. if this the case y shld we study for our higher nitec,even my nitec gpa is much higher lo.

n this few days i was trying all my best to do well for the exams. and now everything has been drown to drain. dun care liao~

:D 4:46 PM

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ho Ho.. finally another 2 more weeks i am going to finish my 4 long years of journey in ite. hooray hooray, and next week onwards will be study week for everyone. so all the best to everyone on the upcoming examinations.

but but everyone of us will be walking seperate ways.some will continue pursuing their studies while most of the guys will be heading ns (headache). haha.gonna miss everyone that i know during this 4 years especially having to know lots of great frens.=)

i know i am too bo liao le..coz got ntg to write oso.so..all the best to everyone in exams.

:D 9:28 PM

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

changed my blog song =)

ytd finished all my nafa that. and i failed my 2.4km again and the timming is getting worse n worse.wahhaaha,frm last week 14mins to ytd 16mins. its so unbelieveable =( worst record i get, my stamina is getting weak..=.= have to retake the run again. .

after sch headed to downtown east with xq,ching ting n mr gan to book our class chalet. the chalet will be on march 26 (2days 1 night), anyone one can come even is not frm our class. haha
and 2day no lesson at all, so had a gd rest at home, bt exam is coming,its time to pull up my socks and not fooling around anymore =)n i dun wish my gpa to drop again.alright stop here..

:D 7:38 PM

Friday, February 13, 2009

yeah...2day wake up at 6am n rush for my last min powerpoint slide.after that headed to sch for our presentation,n yes! is finally ended but we still need to do our report and summit by next week.hope we can get a good grade for this ba.

2moro is valentine's day, -.-!! i got celebrate hari raya,deepavali b4 but not valentine's day. lolx. nvm happy valentine's day everyone.
b4 end..gonna post this funny scene in our sch lift.=)

:D 7:59 PM

Thursday, February 12, 2009

this few weeks kinda lazy to write blog. and yes i am 21yrs old..officially adult lo,maybe next time will go to genting casino and gamble.=)

and 2day,wake up at 5am watched abit of soccer after that prepares to go out as i am going to sembawang base camp for the vocational assesment. reached sembawang mrt at 7.10 n meet up with wen da n ching soon.after that saw 2 of my classmates n jian wen oso there.

reached the camp at abt 8+am. so the 1st test is questionaire, there are abt 400 questions to do n it takes more den 2hrs to finish it omg kinda boliao question oso..lots of IQ , n personal feeling questions. after the test headed to lunch at the canteen.the food taste is nt v.nice bt eatable.

after lunch , went for the blood test.n this is the worse injection i evertake,tat guy inject until my hand so painful man.still nvm, after the injection went for physical trainning den to swimming test and den suddenly they say i need to take another bloodtest as the blood is not enough. OMG cursed dem deep deep. and next do some hearing test n a blow test to test ur lung, n lastly to the chamber room,this room is to pressure us with the air n u have to swallow ur saliva or blow the air. and after all this, went for their dinner. everything ended at 7.30pm exactly 12hrs.. omg..so tired man


:D 9:32 PM